Tokens are your abilities in combat which are tied to your gear. Better gear will almost always have better tokens, but it’s possible to have gear with lower bonuses to HP (Hit Points/Health) and Atk (Attack) but with more powerful tokens. If you have two or more pieces of gear that unlock the same token, the chances of that token appearing on the board increases. Depending on your play style, you may want to equip gear with less bonuses but with tokens more suitable for your strategy.

Token ListEdit

Icon Name Description Target

Attack 1Edit

Does 10 physical damage against an enemy.. Front row

Attack 2Edit

Does 20 physical damage against an enemy. Front row

Attack 3Edit

Does 30 physical damage against an enemy. Front row


Strong against physical attacks for 2 turns. Self
Heal 1

Heal 1Edit

Heals self for 15 points. Self


Outflank shuffles enemies' positions. All enemies
Charge 1

Charge 1Edit

Buffs attack by 15 for 2 turns. Self
Spearattack 1

Spear Attack 1Edit

Deals 12 physical damage. Front row
Spearattack 2

Spear Attack 2Edit

Deals 22 physical damage. Front row
Spearattack 3

Spear Attack 3Edit

Deals 32 physical damage. Front row


Add 10 to Magic attack for next 2 turns. Self

Absorb AttackEdit

Absorbs attacks from enemies for 3 turns. Self


Deals 10 physical damage. All enemies

Hidden PainEdit

Does 3 damage for every closed tile on the board. Front row

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